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With billions in unpaid child support, many blame the weak economy

Reports in October showed that parents in Texas owe nearly $11 billion in unpaid child support. While much of this amount may come from parents who choose to not pay their obligations, just as much or more may be blamed on the economy. In fact, records show that nearly half of the parents who are now owe back support just started missing payments last year. That is likely not a coincidence. The Catch-22 is that the parents who should be receiving child support payments are now having to support the children on their own. And some of them may also have lost their jobs as well.

The Texas Attorney General’s office says that more people are applying for their enforcement services. One of the techniques used by law enforcement agencies such as the attorney general to get child support payments is to penalize the parent who owes by withholding wages and tax refunds, as well as suspending professional licenses. So if someone who needs a license to work has his or her license suspended, the non-payment problem becomes a vicious cycle.

Records indicate that most of the custodial parents in Texas are women and census data shows that 48 percent of single mothers in Texas are living in poverty. Children’s advocates worry about the long-term effect on the children. Without support, the children may be missing out on numerous opportunities that might otherwise be available to them or even missing necessities such as nutritious food or adequate clothing. In a difficult situation like this, consulting an experienced family law attorney in Burleson, Texas, or where the parent lives may help sort out the options and solutions available to make sure the children are adequately supported.

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