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When families separate, finding a new “normal” can be difficult. As part of divorce proceedings of parents, new resolutions for the care and support of the child will be made. Regardless of custody arrangements, child support is a state and federally-mandated obligation that you must be ready to confront.

Texas guidelines follow a flat percentage model, based on a percentage of the noncustodial parent’s (or the parent who does not have physical custody of the child/children) income and the number of children they are supporting.

If you do not have a lawyer, or your lawyer is not experienced in child support cases, the court will apply these generic guidelines to your case. But the guidelines are just that, a set of recommendations. A knowledgeable lawyer can show the court the amount best suited to your financial circumstances. Whether you expect to pay child support or receive child support, the lawyers at Lovelace Law, P.C. can help.

Texas Child Support Laws

Texas sets obligatory child support standards — even if the custodial parent does not have the necessary income to financially support the child. Yet, it’s important to note that courts do not have to follow these generic guidelines if they are not beneficial for the child. This is where an experienced lawyer can help you achieve what is best for your unique situation.

Guidelines for child support arrangements in the Texas Family Code outline that non-custodial parents (or parents who do not have physical custody of their child as a result of court order) are ordered to pay 20 percent of their net resources for a single child, or 25 percent of their resources for two children. The state caps the monthly income that can be subject to child support payments at $9,200, as of September 2019.

Individuals with higher incomes can be ordered to pay more than the basic amounts outlined above, for situations such as supporting school tuition, medical costs, or activities the child is currently involved in. In cases where the custodial parent’s income is not in line with the lifestyle the family is accustomed to, a greater child support amount may be ordered to meet the child’s needs.

We understand that every family’s situation is different. Our attorneys are committed to helping you ensure your child has the support they need, and your rights are being upheld.

Fort Worth Child Support Lawyers Who Can Help

Our job is to use every bit of our knowledge of child support law to protect your and your child’s interests — not just what the law says in the books, but also how it plays out in your specific case. Every case, every child, and every family is unique, and we will ensure our legal strategy and support is tailored to meet your situation.

To obtain optimal child support awards, you must first obtain optimal legal counsel. Lovelace Law, P.C. is here to help Texas families reach resolution in times of difficult transition.

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