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Collection Attorney

Collections is a unique area of the law

requiring knowledge of creditor’s rights and diligence in tracking debtors down and applying the power of persuasion.

We use an assortment of tactics to obtain payment, beginning with a demand letter and following with a suit on account petition. We have experienced good results making motions for both default judgment and summary judgment. We work with banks and other institutions to obtain payment of business debts through prejudgment writs of garnishment.

Our collection clients include privately held companies of every size, professional partnerships and individuals. Every one of these creditors faces unique problems with accounts receivable. Our experience allows us to apply the tactics best suited to obtaining payment in collection disputes ranging from four to seven figures.

The commercial law attorneys at Lovelace Law, P.C. are skilled in applying attention and pressure to the business of collecting debts. We manage every kind of outstanding debt:

  • Delinquent invoices
  • Delinquent accounts
  • Unpaid promissory notes
  • Judgments handed down in Texas or another state

We are successful in obtaining payment despite the threat for filing for bankruptcy.

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We apply the same diligence and muscle in collecting judgments that we use to obtain judgments. We file abstracts in areas where the debtor may own property. We conduct cost-sensitive research into the debtor’s background, gathering information to increase our leverage. We file motions requiring the debtor to turn over nonexempt assets to you.

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