Fort Worth and Burleson Divorce Lawyers

While every divorce is different,

each divorce case is first and foremost about the lives, relationships, and futures of the people involved.

A knowledgeable, compassionate family lawyer can supply the sound guidance and solid moral support you need for strength and confidence.

We are sensitive to the deeply personal issues and emotional distress that can arise in a divorce proceeding. For this reason, whenever possible, we look for common ground and seek amicable out of court resolutions to limit to the impact on all family members.

Developing an agreed outcome through the cooperation of both parties:

  • Preserves relationships with former spouses
  • Allows everyone involved to transition into their new lives in a more positive way
  • Increases the likelihood of better co-parenting
  • Limits future conflicts because parties are more likely to adhere to the agreement
Experienced Divorce Lawyers Can Help

However, when it is in your best interest to take your case to court, our trial-tested divorce lawyers will advocate strongly on your behalf. We will work to safeguard your interests during discussions and litigation related to issues such as:

  • Child custody and visitation
  • Alimony and child support
  • Property and debt division
  • Investigation of hidden assets and offshore accounts
  • Tax consequences
  • Enforcement of prenuptial agreements
Let us help you navigate any of the following types of divorces.
Complex Divorce

You need assertive legal representation when property and marital assets are at stake and debts and taxes must be divided during a divorce.

Uncontested Divorce

Regardless of how “on the same page” both parties can be, going into discussions and documentation for a marital dissolution can still be an emotional, confusing, and frustrating time.

Contested Divorce

When the end of a marriage becomes contentious and destined for a courtroom, Lovelace Law, P.C. divorce lawyers fight for your best interests, in court and out.

Military Divorce

Military families face the same stresses as other families, plus the added stresses of being separated for long periods, deployed without warning, and attacked by the enemy. Not surprisingly, many military couples, active duty or retired, decide to divorce.

Military divorce occurs in the same court system as civilian divorces but are complicated by the military’s unique pay, benefit, and retirement systems. For this reason, not many family law firms are able to manage the intricate processes of property division that are part of a military divorce. One notable exception is the Fort Worth law firm of Lovelace Law, P.C.

Our lawyers understand how your military status affects child custody and visitation, how to assess disposable retired pay, what level of child support you can expect to pay (or receive), and whether your military retirement package in two.

We represent both sides in military divorce, including couples who are both members of the military, drawing on our familiarity with The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, The Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA), and other relevant laws.

Many issues in military divorce are about jurisdiction. Our attorneys can tell you where to file if you are deployed overseas or stationed outside Texas. We work with active duty service members at Ford Hood and the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, and with military retirees across Texas.

Reach out to the family law attorneys at Lovelace Law, P.C. for help resolving your dispute.