Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

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Don’t settle for a generic prenuptial agreement.

Texas couples are increasingly seeing the value of premarital agreements, whether they expect to divorce one day or not. Prenuptial agreements accomplish many good things:

  • They establish expectations for the marriage, thus avoiding serious misunderstandings.
  • If one party doesn’t plan to work during the marriage, the other party finds out now.
  • They protect inheritance rights of children from other marriages.
  • They allow you to separate assets acquired before the marriage from marital assets — including businesses, inheritances, and investments.
  • Spouses understand their financial rights and responsibilities.

Even if you don’t divorce, isn’t it worthwhile to state in advance what the rules of the marriage will be?

Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers Can Help

For premarital agreements to be effective, though, they must be drafted with care and a keen attention to detail. That’s why you should turn to an experienced family law firm like Lovelace Law, P.C., a team of litigators who understand the issues that come up in divorce and, therefore, know how to word prenuptial agreements to withstand scrutiny.

Don’t settle for a generic prenuptial or post-nuptial (written during the marriage) contract. Work with Lovelace Law, P.C. to create a document that works.

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