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Although seeking an out-of-court solution is the optimal way to solve a legal issue, there are times when negotiations and settlement efforts fail, leaving the courthouse as the only option. 

Litigation is the process for handling disputes in the court system when they can’t be found on their own. Litigation can be filed for any dispute that cannot be settled between the two parties. This process is a contested action, meaning a judge or other qualified official may make the final decision for the parties.

At Lovelace Law, P.C., we handle litigation relating to Family Law, Estate and Probate Law, as well as Business and Real Estate Law. 

Civil Court

Civil court handles litigation disputes, involving:

  • Money or Debts
  • Property
  • Real Estate and Housing – such as eviction, foreclosure or to fix bad living conditions
  • Injuries – such as from a car accident, medical malpractice or environmental harm
  • Family Issues involving Marriage and Children – such as divorce, child custody, child support, or guardianship

In this court, judges hear disputes and procedures are fairly formal and more complex. 

Small Claims Court

Small claims court, however, is a type of court that can be used for less serious litigation purposes involving unpaid rent, unpaid loans or wages, minor property damage, and minor contract disputes. One cannot use small claims court to resolve issues involving workers’ compensation, divorce, probate, or malpractice. In this form of court, judges hear disputes over small amounts of money, and procedures are usually less formal than civil court. You are also required to pay a filing fee to file a case in small claims court.

During the litigation process, there may be a series of hearings and temporary orders before the final verdict is reached. Final orders are usually given after a trial with witnesses is held. However, settlement can happen at any point during the process.

Representation in Court

When it comes to representation in court, you are allowed to hire an attorney or represent yourself in front of the judge. However, representing yourself is usually not in your best interest, unless you have a good grasp on the litigation process and the section of law your disagreement is about. Having the right legal team on your side is critical if you want the best representation and the best chance of winning your lawsuit.

Our trial attorneys have a wide range of experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in various aspects of civil litigation and appellate law, including:

When a solution just can’t be reached through arbitration, you can count on us to advocate assertively as your legal representatives in all stages of litigation. We also have experienced appellate attorneys on hand if filing an appeal is necessary to obtain justice.

The attorneys at Lovelace Law, P.C. have valuable knowledge and experience in all aspects of the litigation process. Whether you need to file in order to enforce your rights or defend yourself against a lawsuit, actual courtroom trial experience is a critically important factor to consider when choosing an attorney.

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