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Texas couples who desire to have a good relationship after divorce need the right tools for communication, self-care and raising their children.

Couples divorce for a variety of reasons, and sometimes there is either a necessity or a desire for ex-spouses to have a good relationship after divorcing. The relationship might work better as a friendship, or there might be children to raise. People in Texas wondering how to make a graceful transition from spouses to friends or partners should know that doing so is possible with the right advice and mindset.

Recognize personal faults

Instead of concentrating on their ex-spouses’ wrongdoings and missteps, divorced people should make themselves aware of their own part in past as well as present conflicts between themselves and their former spouses. More importantly, divorced people should learn to discern what they can and cannot change in themselves, their ex-spouses and their shared situation.

Do not use children as intermediaries

Divorced parents should refrain from using their children as a means of communicating with each other. Not only might this make a child uncomfortable, he or she may not correctly convey a message, which may lead to miscommunication or avoidable discord. Instead, parents should email, text or call each other to maintain clear and healthy lines of communication.

Stick to a script and the matter at hand

When dealing with known or potentially antagonistic conversations or situations, it is a good idea to write down a script of what to say and how to respond to harmful comments. To avoid having to call more than necessary, divorced people should be sure to write down everything they need to discuss during a single phone conversation. Also, talking only about parenting matters rather than veering off course may help avoid conflict and bringing up old arguments.

Make communication and interactions more businesslike

Divorced people learning how to make a transition in how they communicate, relate and see their ex-spouse may benefit from keeping interactions and communication on more of a professional level and less of a personal one. Treating each other more like business associates and making requests instead of demands may help to keep the relationship civil and appropriately detached while both people adjust to their new lives.

Keep the past in the past

Refraining from bringing up past grudges, offenses and mistakes may help ex-spouses to have a better relationship and move on with both their separate and shared lives. The past cannot be changed, but it may serve as a powerful learning tool if seen as such.

Ex-spouses may salvage and preserve their relationship after signing divorce papers in Texas. For complex situations or those where ex-spouses are unable to come to an agreement, it is best to rely on the skills of a law firm.