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The potential negative impacts of a divorce can extend to a person’s health and may be involved in serious conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and more.

It is common for people in Texas to think about the financial implications of divorce when considering some of the challenges that ending a marriage may bring. Similarly, issues relating to child custody or other parenting concerns are frequently top of mind for Burleson parents at this time. However, divorcing spouses should also pay close attention to their heart both during and after they get divorced.

The stress of divorce

A divorce is known to be a very stressful event for most people. WebMD explains that stress can have serious physical implications for people. Many of the effects of stress can last for a long time, even after the immediate stressor is long gone.

Following are just some of the conditions that stress has been associated with:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Skin disorders

Divorced people are 20 percent more likely to experience some cancers, heart disease and diabetes than their non-divorced counterparts. They are also 23 percent more likely to have problems with mobility. Remarriage may reduce these numbers to some degree but may not entirely eliminate the risk.

Women at greater risk

Time reports that the effect of divorce on heart health has been found to be even greater for women than for men. While the risk of heart disease for men only increases after two or more divorces, a once-divorced female can be 24 percent more apt to develop heart problems. After a second or subsequent divorce, a woman’s risk jumps to 77 percent.

According to Prevention, one of the potential reasons for this is that women tend to take greater financial hits during a divorce. This, in turn, creates more stress which then impacts the heart.

Causes of divorce stress

During a divorce, people suddenly find themselves alone when before they could count on a partner to be there. The magnitude and range of changes that happens result in a high level of uncertainty about what life will bring next and what may eventually be the norm.

How the stress of divorce is handled may also be important. Sometimes people stress eat which can cause weight gain or even loss for those who cannot eat when under stress. There may also be the urge to turn to alcohol or other drugs as a source of comfort or escape. Lack of good sleep can also be experienced.

What should divorcing Texans do?

Certainly not all divorces can be avoided but understanding the physical impact of a divorce could help people to make better choices along the way. Working with an attorney, for example, can provide peace of mind that important legal issues are handled properly.